Every location has a story!

Digitizing India's geography, one polygon at a time;

Collating micro-economies, one product at a time.


Titodi provides a single platform for Land Owners, Agents, Traders and Investors that enables information retrieval around Geolocation to accelerate their business.

Detailed plot information

We are working on mapping each and every plot in the country, and combining them with public data, creating a single platform to access all the information using the latest web technologies.

Real estate transaction based on data

Now buyers and seller can rely on data that is accurate and documents that are verified through our trusted network of real estate partners.

Machine learning based advanced insights

Titodi utilizes state of the art machine learning and data mining algorithms to confidently predict movements in prices and provide insights to expected buyers.

Enabling commercial farming

Access to geolocation data with property and soil types enables us to provides valuable insides in enabling commercial farming. (feature coming in 2020)

Solving commodity logistics

The total extent of mapped data with access to crop information enables us to predict total yield at all levels. This prediction can help farmers to get the highest valuation on their crop while opening up new markets for traders to move commodity. (feature coming in 2020)



Boundary-based accurate mapping of plots served via easily accessible web and mobile tools.


Accurate data analysis, price predictions and upcoming property insights from expert Data Scientists.


Document verification, performed by the expert legal team to establish the legitimacy of data.


Mobile first interface. Aligning with India's Smartphone revolution.


  • 2015

    Problem Inception

    Experience is the best teacher.

  • June 2017

    An Idea is Born

    Race towards digitizing India has started.

  • January 2019

    Transition to a Full Company

    We are a team now.

  • October 2019

    Limited Launch.

    Join us. Be part of our journey!

  • 2020+


    Exciting features ahead.

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